If you could use  some encouragement, motivation, or support One Day is for you! If you have ever said “One Day I will (fill in the blank)” this conference is for you! If you are ready for a supportive environment with like-minded people and overcomers serving as “Goal-Models” to help you put “Action” to your “One Day” goal, this conference is for you! Participation will be limited to 25 women this year so don’t hesitate, REGISTER TODAY!

If you know of a woman that’s on the brink of a positive life change and who could truly benefit from the support of this single-day initiative please click this link and assist them in the registration process or share the link with them so they can register. Some characteristics of a great woman to refer would be:

  • Must be determined, strong-willed, independent minded, and focused
  • Must be ready to learn how to overcome challenges, make personal progress, and achieve goals
  • Must be mentally healthy and ready to take action to help themselves
  • Must be open and receptive to positive feedback
  • Must be dependable, reliable, and accountable


Space is Limited Register Today!